For the past 15 years, Lone Star Software has established itself as one of the Industry's premier backup and crash recovery Authorities, for UNIX and LINUX operating systems. Based out of Mount Airy Maryland, Lone Star continues to be the most Trusted and Respected Backup Provider, by UNIX and LINUX Administrators Worldwide.

Products available for crash recovery and backup of UNIX & Linux Systems:

When your system goes down, and you need it working fast, AIR-BAG is your lifesaver. AIR-BAG builds a bootable CD or .ISO image which will allow you to rebuild your fatally crashed Server without having to reload the entire OS! Then working in conjunction with your most recent LONE-TAR backup, AIR-...
LONE-TAR has established itself as one of the Industry's Premier Backup and Recovery Software for UNIX and LINUX Operating Systems. Supplied with either Rescue Ranger ( Linux or SCO Openserver) or AirBag ( SCO Unixware).
RESCUE-RANGER - It can restore your system to its previous state, without losing valuable time on a full operating system reinstall. RESCUE-RANGER remembers your hard-drive's previous configuration and can rebuild it, allowing you to get your system back up, and get it up fast.