AT310 F1 Server

The AT310 F1 delivers proactive manageability tools matched by best price-performance technology ideal for SMB and branch office business operations. This single-socket tower server also houses an efficient power supply that saves energy while maintaining full productivity.

  • Enhanced technology for solid computing
  • This tower server features a choice of top-of-the-line Intel® processors that handle large workloads effectively. In addition, the AT310 F1 offers five expansion slots, data storage of up to 8 TB, and DDR3 memory for fast operation, ensuring maximized business performance.
  • Reliable components for mission-critical data
  • The AT310 F1 is packed with dependable hardware, including hot-pluggable HDDs and an onboard Gigabit Ethernet controller that supports iSCSI Boot for seamless, speedy data transmission. Data security is also given via this server's built-in 6-channel SATA with software RAID 0, 1, 5 or 10.
  • Proactive management for extreme multitasking
  • This server offers a suite of robust management utilities: Acery Smart Setup for rapid server configuration, Acer Server Manager for centralized data processing, and Acer Server Console to provide system health monitoring, alert notification, and KVM-over-IP remote management.
  • Cost-effective expandability, earth-friendly operation
  • The AT310 F1 is designed with a tool-less chassis for easy component access, reducing your maintenance and service costs. To top it off, this tower server is ENERGY STAR® certified for energy efficiency.