SvSAN Virtual SAN

Virtual SAN Technology

StorMagic offers Virtual SAN (SvSAN) software, designed for VMware environments, that creates shared datastores that reside on your existing servers or other forms of direct attached storage. This shared storage solution enables powerful features within VMware such as VMotion, HA (High Availability) and DRS (Data Resource Scheduler). These features require shared storage. Traditionally, shared storage was provided by expensive, and complex, physical data storage solutions (network attached storage or storage area network). Virtual SAN’s, such as StorMagic’s SvSAN, enable the same functionality but through an intuitive vCenter plug-in that is a fraction of the price of traditional approaches.

The SvSAN can be configured as a single datastore or as two mirrored datastores (for high availability enabling constant data accessibility).


SvSAN (as a single datastore)

SvSAN provides a single shared data store on your existing servers disk or other direct attached storage device. Uses include:

  • Test, or scratch pad, environments
  • Shared storage
  • Cost effective storage tier

SvSAN with High Availability (mirrored datastores)

VMware’s VMotion, HA, DRS and View are solutions for many traditional IT pain points that require shared storage. These features address IT management pain points like:

  • Centralized multi-site management
  • Virtual desktop environments (VDI)
  • Business continuity

Less Expense

SvSAN is the only virtual SAN that is integrated, automated and managed from within vCenter. The solution is designed to enable management ease without complexity dramatically reducing upfront and ongoing costs. The SvSAN delivers the benefits of a physical SAN at a fraction of the price.

SvSAN takes advantage of your ESX server’s internal disk drives. SvSAN automatically configures datastores for high availability without the complexity of establishing paths and it auto discovers all of the iSCSI SANs in the cluster.

Performance and capacity scales as your needs do, so you don’t need to purchase an expensive SAN. You can scale your capacity with 4, 8 or unlimited TB license options.