Termtek Thin Clients

Termtek D1LX Thin Client

Temtek D1LX Thin Client

Cloud working with Image Enhancement



Press and Play
With Termtek Linux Lite , there is no extra complex configuration of D1LX straight out of the box. IT deployment is even more efficient with the use of Remote Manager.

Termtek Thin Client Accessories

Keyboard and Mouse Set (included with all models except for TK775)



VESA Mounting Bracket

Termtek TK775 Thin Client

Enjoy the light and powerful terminal
A color Ethernet TCP/IP color terminal designed for Unix networking environments provides support for SCO Unix/Xenix, IBM RS/6000 AIX, Sun Solaris, Interactive Unix, SVR4, etc.

Large range of ASCII serial terminal emulations are offered, including WY-60, WY-120, WY-50+, ADDS A2, plus other ANSI emulations.


Display Monitor
-Standard VGA color monitor.
-Support 800x600 resolution LCD Analog signal input.
-16 foreground and 16 background colors.
-31.5KHz or 48.1KHz horizontal frequency.
-70 Hz or 72 Hz vertical.
-Multiple display formats.
Data lines
-24 x 80/132, 25 x 80/132.
-On screen, 1st is status line.
-26th is label line.
-On screen, 1st is status line.
-44th is label line.
-16 colors.
-Character font
-Native Mode font.
-PC Standard.
-PC Multinational.
-Standard ASCII.
-Standard ANSI.
-Graphics font.
-Four banks down loadable soft font of 128 characters each.
Character attributes
-Blink, Reverse, Underline, High light/ Dim, Invisible and any combination.
Cursor attributes
-Block or Underline, blink, steady or off, 16 colors.
-Line attributes
-Double height, double width, combination programmable.
Screen saver
-On/off 30 minutes.
-WY-120/60, 325, 50+;
-TVI910+, TVI925; PC TERM; PCG ALPHA; ADDS A2; VT52, VT100, VT 220 ,VT320 ; Console ANSI
-The connector for Ethernet
-10BaseT RJ45 connector. Protocol: TCP/IP
-IP: RFC 791, 815
-IP / 802.3, RFC 894 (Ethernet)
-TELNET: RFC 854, 885, 856,857
-ICMP: RFC 792
-ARP: RFC 826
-TCP: RFC 793
-UDP: RFC 768
Printer Server
-Provide LPD: RFC 1179
Two serial port connectors
-Serial 1: 9-pin male connector with RS-232C for host.
-Serial 2: 9-pin male connector with RS-232C for serial printer.
Baud rates-
-75 to 460K bps .
-7 or 8 data bits with or without parity. 1 or 2 stop bits.
-Handshake: Xon/Xoff,, Xpc, and DTR.
-One printer port connector
-Parallel port on the 25-pin female connector.
Multiple Host Multiple Sessions
-In 80 or 132 column mode, 8 sessions simultaneously. In Econ-80 column mode, 12 sessions simultaneously.
-Enhanced PC/AT KB interface.
-Standard PC/AT KB 101/102 keys.
Function key
-12 programmable function keys.
Environment Temperature
-Operating: 5 oC to 40 oC
-Storage: -40 oC to 60 oC
Relative Humidity
-20% to 80% non-condensing
-20% to 80% non-condensing
Regulatory Compliance
-Emissions FCC Class B, CUL, CE, C-TICK, CB ,BSMI
Terminal box:
213mm(W) x 40mm(H) x 134mm(D)
-Inner box: N.W. 0.6Kgs ; G.W.1.0Kgs Carton: N.W. 4.5Kgs ; G.W. 6.0Kgs
Power Requirement
Full range Adapter

Termtek Remote Manager 6


Termtek Remote Manager is a very strong management tool for the administrators to deploy Termtek thin clients.

Our Remote Manager provides the most convenient, flexible benefits for the administrators. The function and advantages of Termtek’s thin clients could be fully performed with the combination to our Remote Manager.

We have created an outstanding function-bootloader and DOC update remotely.


Power-Client (TK-3800)

Termtek TK-3752 Thin Client

Compact and Powerful Thin Client
TK-3752 is a new stylish box-type thin client with a compact size and small housing.


Termtek TK-3550 Thin Client

The most Powerful and functional Thin Client in the world
TK-3550 is the best buy Thin Client in the world and it is designed to use the newest AMD geode 433MHz CPU and chipsets that will enhance the performance to a much higher level. Users can enjoy the very high performance 32-bit true colour on the TK-3550 that now supports AGP performance up to 8X and share with main DDR-RAM from 8MB to 64MB. Enjoy it on the Internet and watching video streams via the integrated local Internet Explorer without any delay.



Termtek have designed and developed an ASIC chip with more functionality than any other company in the terminal market.

Termtek Computer's most powerful thin client provides worldwide users the most simple, flexible, cost-saving and innovative of devices. With our strong and award-winning tool, Remote manager, it increases the reliability, convenience; speeds up deployment and improves the cost and functionality of our thin clients.

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